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Oceanics Surf School & Marine Education Centre

We are at the cutting edge of surf instruction.  We utilize the most advanced techniques, developed over nearly two decades of teaching.

Our focus is on developing an environment of fun, learning and discovery, creating life changing experiences with a light touch on nature. 

Surfing clean waves on our blue flag beach, hiking its sun kissed coastline and relaxing on our cottage deck is how we play. 

Surfing, Eco Adventure, Innovation & sustainability is what we explore.

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Surf School & Academy

Embrace the Surfing lifestyle & culture with the people that established Irelands very first Surf School. Catch a wave, wipeout in style, grin from ear to ear, all part of your surfing journey. This experienced team will expertly guide you from the first wave you catch, to advice on your first board, to where to next!




Our education programmes are designed to engage student’s imaginations, passion and talents, while challenging their thought process. They will acquire important life skills that they can carrry into the future in a climate that will generate confidence, allowing them to learn enthuasiastically.

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Environmental Adventure

Discover CoastHacking, Scrambling, leaping and traversing along the coastline, where the sea meets the land one of the most powerful places on the planet, Adventure Swimming at its best! Or by foot, stay dry and explore the bay of Shipwrecks, the habitats and historical Tramore Town on the hill.



Innovation & Sustainability

We are always looking at product development and differentiation opportunities. We help start up businesses to develop strategy and tactics to build innovation and engagement into everything they do. We believe that introducing complementay working operations is not just good for businesses, it is, the right thing to do. Sustainability principeles guide the way we work, “greening the wave on our journey of learning”.



About Us

17 years of innovation & change. Our rich and vast experience serves as the foundation for our delivery and design of powerful learning, experiential and insightful consulting and memorable events

Summer Surfin'

Discover Primary Science and Maths