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Tramore Adventure


beachcombing holycross 2011"There is so much more to Tramore" has been the slogan for many a year in promoting Tramore as the ideal holiday destination spot. Popular through the ages as a Victorian Holiday resort, Tramore has in the last couple of years reinvented itself as an Activity Holiday Destination and Coastal Tourism Heritage Town. Oceanics Surf School will organise full activity days and weekends to allow you to incorporate other activities as part of your Tramore Adventure.

Located just 8km from Waterford City, Tramore's 3km long sandy beach offers numerous water sports activities as well as land sports for all ages. Below are some suggestions and how to have a "Tramore Adventure".


Guided Tours


Coastal & Heritage Walking Tours of Tramore


Maritime Walk 1/2 hour to 45 minutes (all ages).


Discover the Bay of Shipwrecks. The route is Sands Hotel to the Red Cottage.

Departs Outside Sands Hotel every Sunday & Thursday at 2pm.


Cost: Gratuities at your own discretion (just turn up)


Nature Walk 2 1/2 hours (8yrs & up)


Explore Tramore's Unique Beach. Route: Red Cottage to The Dunes and Wild bird reserve.

Departs From the Red Cottage every Sunday and Thursday at 3pm.


Cost: 10 per person (pre-bookings available)


Town Heritage Walk (allow up to 1 1/2 hours, suitable for all ages)

Visit Historical Tramore on the Hill. Route: Red Cottage, Doneraile, Old Railway Station. Departs from the Red Cottage every Tuesday at 5pm.


Cost: 8 per person (pre-bookings available)


Accompany Alan or Grace our local Guides who will inform and entertain!


Oceanics Surf School at The Red Cottage in Riverstown, Tramore, Co. Waterford. 051 390944 for pre-bookings.

Group rates available for 20 or more persons.


Click here for more information on Our Guided Walks


Walks Without Charge


Tramore town is built on a hill and offers spectacular views of Tramore Bay. Tramore Tourism and Tramore Development Trust every year produce a free brochure which you can pick up at the Tourist Office in Waterford or Tramore that contains suggested routes to take within the town and beach area. Remember the beach is 3km long with expansive sand dunes on the easterly side. So you decide how far you wish to go.


On an out tide the beach is nice and flat, while on a full tide the shingle embankment can be a good option to walk on, just not as even ground. Of course you can always stay on the prom and enjoy the sea air while watching the surfers catch some waves. An ice-cream during the summer months or fish and chips can add to the experience if you want to relax rather than invigorate!!


A loop walk from the Doneraile, to the pier and out along the coast road to Newtown Cove, a deep water swimming area is also a very popular walk. Be prepared to step it out as it is quite popular with locals.