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Corporate Company Outing - Family Fun Days

beachcombing holycross 2011Let Oceanics organise a fantastic company fun day at the beach for you! Family fun days and summer parties for your staff, their partners and children are an excellent way for a company to reward and motivate hard-working employees and to promote corporate loyalty and identity!


Surfing has become known as one of the best physical workouts for the body. The simple act of lying on a surfboard and maintaining balance interacts all major muscle groups while the physical act of paddling and getting to ones feet enhances flexibility and strength. Surfing is also good fun and enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages! Lessons are carried out in waist depth water. Land and water based comprehensive instruction. Soft learning boards and wetsuits are all provided. Full supervision by qualified staff at all times: All staff are fully qualified and experienced. Beach is located just 50metres away from Oceanics, Red Cottage so there is not extra travelling.


book nowarticleEnvironmental Beach Discovery

Compiled by Eanna Ni Lamhna for Oceanics and further developed by Field Ecologist, Grace O'Sullivan, this guided environmental and ecological walk allows students become Beach Detectives as they explore the uniqueness of Tramore's Sand Dunes and Saltmarsh Habitats. (1 Teacher to 20 students is required to accompany group). Worksheet available.

Rockpool Exploration

Curriculum linked by Alan Walsh, this exploration of Tramore's Rocky Shoreline allows students to become Rockpool Explorers as they peer into the many varied tidal habitats and natural touch pools with their guide(s). N.B. Only certain dates and times will be available due to tidal differences. (1 Teacher to 20 students is required to accompany group). Worksheet available.


A two person team event where students follow initial instructions and build a flyable kite. All materials provided for the students. Kites are constructed using plastic sheeting, duck tape and dowel. Their challenge is to complete construction of two kites within a 40 minute time frame and demonstrate that their kite can fly. Debriefing and presentation of prizes takes place. Judges decision is final!

Field Studies

A combination of environmental beach discovery and rockpool exploration (tidal dependant). This programme will teach the student to find, identify and record information on the varied habitats located on Tramore Beach.

Sand and Sculpting

A Team Event of inventiveness and cooperation. Groups are split into teams of 2 to 5 persons, and as the clock starts are supplied with a clipboard, a sheet of paper and a pencil. A theme is their challenge on which they must create a sand sculpture by only using material available to them on the beach. All sculptures must be completed within the time limit of 1.5 hours. Debriefing and presentation of prizes takes place (Surf Lesson Vouchers worth € 45 each for winning team). Judges decision is final!

An option here is to book the entire Surf School for your disposal!

  • Constant supply of coffee!
  • Indoor / Outdoor seating areas.
  • Indoor heated changing areas available.