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The Cryptic Challenge - Cryptic Pursuit

certificatesA Team Challenge Event of fun and entertainment. Groups are split into teams of 2 to 5 persons, supplied with a clipboard, clue sheet and pen. The objective being to decipher clues which will allow the Team to find their way while other teams are in hot pursuit, all against a running clock. It's a Whirlwind Discovery Tour of Tramore Town using Cryptic clues and directions to stimulate and challenge both body and mind. Format Introductory talk and route explanation, start of clock, departure of individuals groups, return of all teams, Debriefing and presentation of prizes. Physical fitness is not essential to win this team challenge. The fastest team with the most correct answers wins, which means that the slowest team can still win as long as they have more correct answers than any other team! Time 2 hours. Minimum group size 8.

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