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Youth Groups

img 8430Fun and adventure group activities. Make a day of it and bring a packed lunch. Day trips are available for youths aged 8 to 18 years. There a many options available to fill your day …

Surfing Certificate Courses

Choose an option to suit your group size - timetable or itinerary. Option C along with our summer surf camps have been used by Irish students for the An Gaisce - Presidents Award Ireland and for our Overseas students for the GCSE Practical Grade.

Option A.

An Oceanic's basic introductory Certificate Course in Surfing & Bodyboarding with Sea Safety Awareness.

Certificate of completion presented to students.


1/2 Day (3 Hours).


20 persons.

Option B.

An Oceanics Beginners 1 course in Surfing combined with lecture on Sea Safety, Wave Formation, Long shore drift and tidal effects. Combined with:

  • Basic beach safety
  • Surf awareness
  • Weather forecasting and wave prediction
  • Surf etiquette
  • How to get to your feet i.e. The 'Pop Up'
  • Turning left and right on a wave
  • Evasive action
  • Surf board and wetsuit maintenance
Certificate of completion presented to students.

"For those that want to surf all day."


Day trip 5hrs or two half days (2 x 2¼hr sessions + ½hr lunch)


20 persons.

Option C.

Beach Activities

2 hours, minimum 16 persons

Discovering the Seashore is an adventure for children of all ages. We offer two 2 hour long Beach Hikes from which to choose from:


Compiled by Eanna Ni Lamhna for Oceanics and further developed by Field Ecologist, Grace O'Sullivan, this guided environmental and ecological walk allows students become Beach Detectives as they explore the uniqueness of Tramore's Sand Dunes and Saltmarsh Habitats. (1 Teacher to 20 students is required to accompany group).
Worksheet available.


Curriculum linked by Alan Walsh, this exploration of Tramore's Rocky Shoreline allows students to become Rockpool Explorers as they peer into the many varied tidal habitats and natural touch pools with their guide(s). N.B. Only certain dates and times will be available due to tidal differences. (1 Teacher to 20 students is required to accompany group).
Worksheet available.

Oceans of fun for everyone, combined with surfing is ideal for groups wishing to spend the day on the beach!

Tramore Activities

There are many other activities for kids and teenagers in Tramore to choose from such as:

Check out our educational section and links page for more ideas.

book nowarticleSchool Completition Groups / Summer Projects

Where youth groups have small numbers we offer restricted 2 hour Surf Lessons where a small group can book a time slot just for their group only. Certificated courses can also be booked for these group sizes.


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